Stephan Meyer; Sacred Cows

Stephan Meyer; Sacred Cows

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About the Podcast

My guest today is Stephan Meyer PhD, CEO of Almademey Ltd. I have known Stephan for some years now, he being one of the first professionals when I arrived in Germany over a decade ago. I have always found our conversations quite interesting. Like me, he knows you can’t hit home-runs without the risk of breaking a few windows.

The conversation starts where it always starts, at the beginning. Stephan shares that his father was an electrical engineer and he hoped that Stephan would also become an electrical engineer. But Stephan found himself rather bored with the complicated and gravitated towards the complex (listen or watch the intro for a really elegant explanation for the difference of the two). As such, Stephan gravitated towards psychology.

Exterminating Sacred Cows

Stephan shares many highlights of his professional journey, including the journey of researching the subject for his PhD, “Sacred Cows” and how they should be sought in an organization and eliminated. And he also makes the case for the necessity for businesses to face perils and even doom every now and then which would offer the opportunity for a radical change and cleansing purge; to be reborn again better.

All in, a really great session and I believe you will enjoy it. I did…

About Stephan Meyer, PhD

Dr Stephan Meyer
Dr Stephan Meyer

Stephan has orchestrated successful change initiatives in digital transformation for 25 years. During this time, he has held roles as CEO, Member of the Board, Program Manager, Mentor and Coach.

At a rather mature age (you are never too old to learn), Stephan received his PhD in Business Administration and Management at the University of Gloucestershire in England for his research in radical change by finding and killing “sacred cows” in organizations. For his research, he interviewed interim managers, consultants, and line managers.

Stephan is a forward-thinking advisor for avant-garde clients. Stephan is not for those who shrink from leading. There are bold choices and there are easy choices. And he stands for those in the front of the line – the bold and visionary, the entrepreneurs, and the risk-takers. Stephan clients are those who surprise the world by taking a leap into the future.

LinkedIn Profile:
Company: Almademey Ltd
Title: CEO
Headquarters:  Paphos District, Cyprus
Year Founded: 2022
Company Type: Privately Held, LLC
Company Size: Himself
Industry Experience: Service, Healthcare, Mobility, Automotive, Life Sciences, Finance, Infrastructure, Media and others
Practice Areas:  Business Psychology, Business Wargaming, Change Management, Corporate Foresight, Crisis Management, Cultural Change, Digital Transformation, Innovation Management, Lean Management, Merger & Acquisition, Multi-Project Management, Operational Excellence, Organization Design, Performance Measurement, Private Equity, Program Management, Restructuring, Service Management, Strategic Management, Turnaround

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