Steve Waszak – On Organizational Alignment and Popcorn

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About the podcast

In this episode of State of Readiness, we speak with Steve Waszak, Vice President of Operational Excellence at Green Group Industries about organizational alignment.  For Steve, establishing organizational alignment was key to the transformation that he facilitated during his first two years in his role in OpEx.  We discuss some of the things that need to be in place including the challenges associated with trying to get and keep everyone aligned.

One silo-busting exercise example Steve will share is the value of a good roadmap and engaging exercises including generating the Measurement Matrix.  This had everyone in each functional area pick one measure for every other functional area that was a key indicator of the health of the relationship between their functional areas.

In addition to his role as Vice President, and in the realm of “who invented these obscure things”, Steve and his brother invented “the way to accurately measure and control”  the small piece of metal in the bag that made microwave popcorn possible – and what they are up to now.

Host: Joseph Paris, Founder of the;  XONITEK Group of Companies,  Operational Excellence Society & Readiness Institute

Guest: Steve Waszak

Steve Waszak
Steve Waszak

Each day, Steve looks forward to meeting new people, new challenges, learning, and opportunities to bring business performance, competitiveness and growth to new levels.

Steve is the Vice President of Operational Excellence for Greene Group Industries, a privately-held major supplier to leading industrial manufacturers, with locations across the USA in California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Reporting to the President, Steve works across the company’s business units and functional areas driving organizational alignment and fostering a customer focused culture to support the goal of continuously improving competitive advantage.

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