Caroline Bondier – Director, Process Development and Program Management at KONE Corporation

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About the podcast

With fifteen years of international work experience, Caroline Bondier joined with KONE Corporation in 2011 as a CRM Business Analyst and has moved up the ranks of leadership to her present position as the Director, Process Development and Program Management for KONE’s Modernization Business Line.  After some struggle to find work, Caroline started her career in document coordination at NOKIA as a subcontractor before moving on to the sales and marketing development for Finnish based Citec group.  

Caroline moved on to KONE in 2011, starting in IT and process development with a focus on CRM.  Caroline moved to the business operations side of KONE in 2014 driving business transformation in the tendering and ordering processes and in 2017 took on the newly create role of process development and program management for modernization business line.

Caroline describes herself as an “excellence ideologist”.  She does not adhere to any one way or doctrine for achieving excellence, but rather looks at the opportunities to become better holistically.  We talk about the “KONE Way”; what it is and how it supports the pursuit of the company strategy.  The KONE WAY is actually a reference in the Nordics.  Maybe not as well-known as the “Toyota Way”, but the way we operate. 

The point here is not to talk about KONE products, but to explain the importance of our operating model (which is fairly advanced according to benchmarks), how it supports achieving our results, how big the challenges have been, and what’s her role is in it.  And we talk about her general philosophies, experiences, and approaches she has had over her career.

Host: Joseph Paris, Founder of the;  XONITEK Group of Companies,  Operational Excellence Society & Readiness Institute

Guest: Caroline Bondier

Caroline Bondier
Caroline Bondier

About Caroline Bondier

Caroline was born in France and moved to Finland when 20 years old where she fell in love with the country.  She earned her undergraduate business degrees at the Université Montesquieu Bordeaux 4 and the HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences.  She went on to earn her MBA at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.  

Caroline’s passion is to support organizations into achieving their vision for growth through operational excellence.  Her focus is on how improvement and performance happens and how teams succeed.  With her strong leadership skills and change managements capabilities, she has been able to systematically drive teams, solutions, and programs towards success.  Caroline loves to travel and volunteers at the Red Cross as fundraising manager.

Company; KONE Corporation
Headquarters; Espoo, Finland
Year Founded; 1910
Company Type; International engineering and service company
Company Size; $10.7B (2019-est) with 55,000 employees across 60 countries worldwide
Specialties; Designs, engineers, manufactures, installs, and services; autowalks, automatic doors and gates, escalators, and elevators.

State Of Readiness Book, Andrew Lambert, SpaceX

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