David Light; President, Certainty Resources, Ltd.

David Light; President, Certainty Resources, Ltd.

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The Certainty Principle, David Light

My guest today is Dave Light, owner of Certainty Resources Limited and author of the book, “The Certainty Principle”. We start this episode by exploring David’s meandering journey and how each opportunity, with some tenacity and focus, led him to the next.

But his personal transformational moment, the one that helped him to decide to strike-out on his own, was when he was fired as the CEO of a company. He blames his termination on himself because he started to believe that he was the one that built the company – being about the self and not the team is always a leadership blunder.

The way David searched for opportunities when he started his firm was simply by cold-calling prospects. He shares that the approach was successful, but not satisfying. So he gave his model a rethink and decided to specifically and deliberately target people that would challenge him (and he, them) and for whom he felt he wanted to work. The list of companies he has worked for is a who’s who of household names.

Ultimately, he came to believe that it was counter-productive for him to be opportunistic in his approach to gaining clients. For David, and he would propose for others to consider, the “secret sauce” of his (and your) success lay in being focused and deliberate in his pursuit of clients; to leave nothing to chance and approach everything with certainty.

About David Light

David LIght
David Light

David Light has had a very interesting career path; beginning as a Teamster working on the docks in San Francisco before going to UC Berkeley where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics. After graduation, he worked for several companies including Genentech and had several roles, including that of CEO. Dave earned his Masters Degree in Management and Leadership at Western Governors University. And in 2015, started his firm which is dedicated to helping hone the leadership and sales skills. His clients include some of the most well-known companies in the world. A new book, “Culture of Certainty”, will be published is the summer of 2021.

Company; Certainty Resources, Ltd
Website; https://certain.im
Headquarters; Philadelphia, PA
Year Founded; 2015
Company Type; Consultancy
Company Size;  1
Specialties;  Helping to build the leadership skillsets in senior executives.

State Of Readiness Book, Andrew Lambert, SpaceX

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